3 Tools to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Whether you write blogs on WordPress or Blogger there are important tools that can help improve visits to your blog site. Blogging is all about traffic. How do you improve the amount of visitors to your blog?

Here are three tools that will help you become a better blogger. You only have one chance to make an impression and when someone stops by your blog hopefully, they will sign up and be a follower of all your posts for a long time. Making sure people return to your blog is your key to success and sometimes it’s just an easy idea that has to do with sprucing things up with facts, photos and credibility. Verify your facts and always make sure you give credit for photos you’re using from any source. Also, it’s important to answer any comments. Disable the captchas and watch your blog grow!

Wikipedia-The wonderful thing about Wikipedia is that it has photographs you can use on your posts as long as you give attribution to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is similar to an encyclopedia full of facts that can help verify some of your dates. For example, if you’re writing something relating to George Washington you’ll find a plethora of information and lovely artwork to match.

Google Analytics and AdSense

Speaking of traffic, it’s a good idea to know your statistics. Are people visiting your site? Find out which post or products you write about have the highest number of visitors. AdSense allows your blog to make a profit. When someone purchases products mentioned on your blog, you make a percentage.

 Camera Phone

The best way to illustrate something is to make it differejoel-brasserie-chocolate-soufflent and fresh. If your blog contains the same old clipart that everyone used in the 90’s, then few people will come back. Then again, there’s something called Vintage artwork that can add fun to your page but only an actual photo that you take can give you and your blog immediate credibility. For example, you’re posting a recipe for chocolate soufflé and everyone knows baking something like that is difficult and extraordinary. If you put a drawing or public domain photo of a chocolate soufflé then no one will think you were able to create the difficult recipe. But a photo of your chocolate soufflé will immediately cause urgency by creating trust in you and your blog. If you can do it then they can too. Isn’t that inspiring and wonderful, all because you snapped a photo? Don’t you love being a better blogger?


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