5 Common Misconceptions About Black Hat SEO

5 Common Misconceptions About Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

SEO is one of those things that a lot of people think is set in stone.  They think that if you aren’t playing the same game that most everyone else is, or if they are using tactics that everyone else considers to be “different” than you obviously are either playing to lose – or worse, you are trying to cheat the system.  While there are many different “hats” you can choose to wear these days; black hat, white hat, grey hat, blue hat, etc. there also seem to be some unsavory myths about one hat in particular; The Black Hat.

Many people hear or read about this term and they automatically think that it’s a bad thing.  But, it’s not the hat you’re wearing really, its how you are using it!  More importantly, it’s about if you know how to use it properly – most people don’t and that’s what ends up getting them into trouble.  If you think you know everything there is to know about black hat, think again.  Below are some of the biggest misconceptions and myths about what it is to be black hat and what it is to use black hat when it comes to SEO.

Black Hat is For Spammers

While this is sometimes true, it’s not always true.  Just because you hear the word black hat, you should know that spamming is not used exclusively.  In fact, there are a lot of well known credible and reputable businesses out there today that use black hat methods, and none of them include spamming people.  If someone spam’s your blog it’s likely because they are looking for a cheap way to get their link out there, they are a newbie and have no idea what they are doing, or they hired a professional SEO company who is trying to pull a fast one on them by giving them bad quality links for cheap.  Make sure IF you hire a professional SEO company that you always check their work, ask for reports and do your own checking up.

Black Hat Is For Scammers

Again, this is sometimes true, but not always true nor is it done exclusively as a part of black hatting.  Many of the biggest businesses out there today use black hat strategies.  On the other hand, yes, you may find some unscrupulous tactics by way of scamming and perhaps they are also associated with black hatting, but just because you do one does not mean you do the other i.e.; not all scammers are black hatters and not all black hatters are scammers.

Black Vs WhiteAbout White Hat SEO

Most people you talk to will say that if you are not using white hat, then you must automatically be using black hat.  Wrong!  A lot of Black hatters use white hat methods with their own twists and a lot of white hatters use gray hat methods or black hat methods that are dumbed down.  Gray hat is right in between the both.

Black Hat Doesn’t Work

If you think black hat doesn’t work anymore, you have to ask yourself why so many people are using these methods then.  On top of that, there are no shortage of black hat blogs, forums, websites, etc.  If it didn’t work, do you think people would really be wasting their time?  No.  They would move on to something else – something better.

Black Hat Will Get You Banned

In some instances, people that use SOME methods of black hatting may get banned, yes it is true.  But this is more because of the fact that they had no idea what they were doing in the first place.  #1 rule of any hat – black, white, grey or anything else in between is to never use your main money site for anything.  Instead you use things like web 2.0 or free sites that are dispensable.  That way if something does happen, it’s not that huge of a deal.  If it’s your money site, it is a huge deal because you have to start all the way over again.  Of course if you had some insight on black hatting or white hat SEO methods for that matter you would already know this!

About Gray Hat SEOBy the way, black hat as an SEO term, is about so much more than you’ve read about.  While there are a number of methods you have probably read about, the methods available are in the low thousands with new ones popping up every single day.  There are, as mentioned above, black hat methods that you can use ethically and they have nothing to do with spamming, scamming or hacking.  If you really have no idea what you are doing – be sure to check out a few books, forums and blogs that are specifically created to help out newbies as well as advanced users with black hat tactics and SEO methods- or give Virginia SEO a call at eight-eight-eight 870-3181.

At Virginia SEO, we do not use spammy or black-hat techniques for our clients. We do however build links- which by definition is considered “black hat” or at least “gray hat”. In fact, if you ever call a website and ask them to link to you or do ANYTHING with the specific goal of getting a link (Such as donating to a site), you are basically doing black/gray hat SEO!

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