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5 Email Marketing Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

5 email marketing Basics You Should Be Reviewing Constantly Email marketing is considered to be among the most effective methods of not only selling services and products, but also promoting them. Email marketing is commonly assumed to be more or less the same as spamming. However, when it is done intelligently, new sales can be […]

3 Tools to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Whether you write blogs on WordPress or Blogger there are important tools that can help improve visits to your blog site. Blogging is all about traffic. How do you improve the amount of visitors to your blog? Here are three tools that will help you become a better blogger. You only have one chance to […]

How to Get Your Marketing Emails Done Faster

How to get your marketing emails done faster One crucial element in digital marketing is sending clients emails about new arrivals, service improvements, promotions, and price adjustments. Customers appreciate emails and feel in touch with the company more with such gestures. They feel appreciated and valued as well and would quickly recommend a business to […]

Why Mobile Design Importance Increases For Effective SEO

Eight of ten people around the world are now subscribers to mobile units, usually for both home and business use. For those who were prescient and foresaw this boom, it proves marketing has expanded its reach and is unbelievably more mobile than ever. It is highly probable anyone reading this is already signed up for the conventional SEO and SEM services. However, some subscribers may have let the value of enlisting separate mobile design campaigns blow right past them.

How Did The Recent Google Mobile Update Affect Your Site?

Yes, there have been some worrisome predictions that the new search engine optimization algorithms updated by Google, (April 21, 2015), would be causing catastrophic interruptions by now. We heard that websites would be experiencing increased 404 errors, blocked content – due to your websites now being incorrectly “crawled and indexed,” and error links from site maps, and web page links could be blocked. So how can you find out if your websites are being properly identified and located during Google searches?