Business Social Media

New to Business Social Media? Here’s What You Need To Know

As you read this, there are about 300 million active users on Twitter. The Washington Post recently reported there are almost as many people registered to use Facebook as there are people living in China — the largest country in the world by population! Long story short, social media can make a huge impact on your business. The […]


How to Get Your Marketing Emails Done Faster

How to get your marketing emails done faster One crucial element in digital marketing is sending clients emails about new arrivals, service improvements, promotions, and price adjustments. Customers appreciate emails and feel in touch with the company more with such gestures. They feel appreciated and valued as well and would quickly recommend a business to […]

Marketing A Small Business Online Necessary To Attract New Clients

Marketing A Small Business Online – Necessary To Attract New Clients

Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? Conducting keyword research can provide you with valuable information about what individuals are searching for online to find businesses such as yours. Read this article to find out how to conduct keyword research to improve your site’s rankings in Google searches, which will lead to more traffic and more business.

Business To Business Content Strategy

Building a B2B Content Strategy

Even the “beginner” service provider understands that selling products to another business differs from selling to consumers; if for no other reason than the tricks of the sales trade are unlikely to work on the time-tested and trained business. Even when similar techniques are used – blogging, guest posting and copywriting – they have to be modified to appeal to a buyer in a management position, rather than the day-to-day consumer.

How To Create A Blog In Minutes

How to Create a Blog In Minutes

Creating a blog can be quite challenging for those of the professional world such as bloggers, marketers, and business owners. It is well known that blogs serving business related purposes should be professional as well as creative. Your readers should be pleased by quality content which can help promote your business or idea and “convince” your readers and search engines that you publish worthwhile content. However, accessibility and eye catching features are just as vital.