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Why Google+ Is Important Even If You Don’t Use It

Google+So, Google+ is important enough to mention, but if you do not use the social network or plan on using it, why should you as a small business, small business owner, or entrepreneur even be interested in it? There are many reasons why but we are going to outline the major ones here, in no particular order. If you know of any other reasons that we did not outline here, feel free to comment below and I will add them to the article.

Google+ is one of the more recently developed social networks, but it certainly should not be ignored, as some experts rank it in third place in terms of usage and traffic (at least in America).

Digital Buzz Blog has put together a nice infographic that describes the usage in 2013.

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Reasons you need a Google+ Profile

 Mobile Phones


As many of you know, Android is making a huge splash into the cell phone space, alongside Apple and others. With Android having such a huge market share (near 80%, according to a recent TechCrunch article), you can assume that some portion of your friends, family, coworkers, and customers will be on an Android device. Now Google is constantly updating its services, and some of the more recent devices come with a new SMS app installed, in the form of Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a chat and video chat service offered by Google, and guess where Google Hangouts gets their profile pictures from? You guessed it- Google+ profiles.

Google HangoutsNow I am sure you are saying “Who cares?” Well for one thing, I do. So does your sister, your friends from high school, your coworkers, the company you’re associated with, and that prospective client you chat with. In a long list of contacts, any contact with a picture stands out. The picture increases the speed at which you identify the contact, and certainly makes picking that person out of a crowd easier. (SMS Picture)
Putting up a Google+ profile picture takes a couple of minutes, and it means that YOU will appear in all of your glory on the largest market share serving mobile devices in the country.

 Gmail Profiles


Lots of people use Gmail. I do, most of my family does, and people I meet all use Gmail. Even business people with corporate addresses normally have a personal email address which is more often than not Gmail. Inside of Gmail your contacts have an area, and Google+ profiles are automatically pulled into the profile. These contacts are then synced into Outlook and mobile phones, which further distributes your Google+ profile.

Google Author Rank

This is a big one! If you create a Google+ profile, you can then set yourself up as an author for a particular website or blog. That website or blog can then be optimized to display this information in an effective manner, and also to link to and from Google+. As you publish content, they will appear in you Google+ profile feed, and provide another avenue for people to reach your site.

Google Authorship also shows your picture alongside your content or posts, which makes your search result stand out. Any way you or your business can get ahead is good in my book.

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Google Likes It

Last reason to have a Google+ profile even if you don’t actively use Google+ is because Google likes Google+, and Google search is responsible for 80% of daily searches and results. They favor their own social network, so playing along into their game is only going to help increase your visibility.

Reasons you need a Google+ Page

 Google Places for Business


Google Places for Business are like Google version of the Yellow Pages. They allow your business to show up in a special display in search results alongside other businesses. It also allows you go get reviews and star ratings, which makes your location stand out further. You can also begin to show up in Google Maps, which is a really large force in the navigation arena.

Increased visibility

Really this one is just common sense. You can take 10 minutes and set up a page that shows your business off in an area that receives millions of visits per day. Why would you NOT want to put your business up there?

Free Consultation and Reports

If you need help with any of these things, or just want to talk about them more in-depth, we offer free consultation and reports to help get you and your business out there. You can also do some good old Google searching on these topics and you will find a multitude of experts weighing in on the topic.

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