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How To Do Keyword Research – SEO Video Training

What is Keyword Research? How is it done?

We will continue our video training and this week we will dive into keyword research and implementation. You can see the previous video here, and here is another video which covers on-page SEO topics, which pertain to keyword research.

Keyword research can be a long and daunting task even for someone who does SEO. For an average business person it can seem impossible. But rest assured that with a little bit of elbow grease even someone who is not web savvy can perform basic to moderate keyword research enough to optimize a small business website. Keyword research is the act of finding profitable and well performing phrases which can represent your website and pages. By carefully optimizing your page to promote a particular keyword phrase, you can increase your changes of ranking in Google search results.

Keyword research and optimization is considered a part of on-page SEO, and is something that we perform for pretty much all of our clients. To see some results of keyword optimization, you can look at a couple of these Google search results:

We had some trouble with the video, and apologize that the first part of it is in presentation format.

Like I mentioned last week, we at Virginia SEO are awesome at SEO, but only OK (getting better) at video editing. We apologize for any distractions during the training, or any problems with the editing. This is our first green-screen recording- and while it came out good, the lighting needs to be adjusting, among other things. If you have any tips on how we can improve these sessions please let us know!

Speakers Notes and Reference – Coming Soon!

Looking for an for some Keyword Research? We can show you how to do it or do it for you!

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  1. efpierce says:

    I think a lot of people know how to do keyword research, they just don’t know how to do it properly. Thank you for posting this and teaching those of us that need help how to do the right research to get the right results.

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