How To Purchase Safe Secure Links and Avoid Spam and Suspect Sites

The web master, site designer and any contributor to the internet highway’s web sites has already become well versed on the perils encountered if you don’t advance through the web with armor guard. However, the situation is not hopeless even though there are new shady techniques created for the web site manager’s downfall every day. The armor guard recommended for all personnel vital to a web site’s design, security and validity is to view, review and analyze all prospective commitments for web site enhancement carefully to take your company safely over the quagmires and around the quicksand befalling the novice.

Guest Blogging Done Right
Now, with that said, there are safe pathways around the vile and into the safe zone.  One is Guest Blogging. The purpose of guest blogging is not to permit you backlinks. The minute you start doing that, websites will know what’s going on and immediately vote you off their island.

However, if the context, content, and subject of your guest post require a back link, you can link to your own material. The goal is to be helpful, clear, and informative without fail.

Keep in mind guest blogging is a scalable way to earn great backlinks, perhaps if you have other influencers in your company who are skilled and willing to write.   Encourage them to get into guest blogging. Guest blogging is a powerful method for brand identification and growth, and it benefits the company.

Try Infographics

InfographicsDrew Hendricks of AudienceBloom recently wrote:

“Infographics are still effective for link building.”

He’s certainly correct, but gives necessary disclaimers. They just are not as great today as yesterday.  Today, infographics are mass produced by any business with an ounce of strategy and a marketing budget. Up until 2012, infographics of an average successful company earned 876 backlinks each. Since 2012, infographics generate 371 backlinks each for that same company! That’s a decline of 57%.

In spite of the sag, 371 links is still a lot of links.

Social Media

A Webmaster learns quickly to be a politician, at least in the shaking hands, cajoling and scratching each other’s back department. Creating content is only half of content marketing; the second half is promoting the content. In 2015, the best way to promote content is definitely on social media. It builds links. It was recently written that the social media will become the building stone for markets, and it is already happening. Articles are shared, distributed, tweeted, mentioned, retweeted, and talked about. As a result, businesses get links.

What the Webmaster should do:

  • Post links to your company article on every social network of which you are a member.
  • Post link to relevant LinkedIn groups where you are a member.
  • Submit posts to Reddit.
  • Submit  posts to StumbleUpon.
  • Submit  posts to
  • Send DMs to people whom you mention or link to in your post, as they might seek to distribute the promo about themselves also;

This is an indirect way of pulling in links to your website. Social signals are not links, and they do not possess the ranking impact of links but as you share your content, others will read, notice and link to it.

That’s where the links come in.

Safe Links, Not Shady Links

bigstock-Hands-holding-up-bank-links-ag-86157488The undoubtedly best way to acquire good safe links is to be one. If you are a Web site owner, an online security program can help you to provide a safe environment for Internet clients. The site report is a great resource to identify any security issues for users of a Web site. Expert analysis may find security issues the web site owners were not aware of. Webmasters may also learn more about the experiences of visitors by reading the community site reviews. Take advantage of the services offered to help maintain a safe and secure site for clients and visitors to your company’s website. If ignored, be assured that the company’s website will be emblazoned on the security companies’ Warning Lists. That is not a good thing.

Avoid accepting links from suspicious sites such as Any user can check a site without clicking on their link and it is advisable that webmasters definitely do this. Comodo Web Inspector  provides free analysis, in-depth of sites checking for things that go bump in the night.  Type in the full URL of the questionable linked site and send it to them. This analysis may take days as it conducts a real-time analysis for any possibly malicious content. Therefore it is prudent to also run Zulu URL Risk Analyzer for the same site.  Once Comodo Web Inspector is finished, they provide a report. If rated as High Risk the site is dangerous. If it is Suspicious the site is probably dangerous, but you may want to see what other analyzers rate the suspect site.

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