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SEO Video Training – Session 2: On-Page Overview

On-Page SEO and How It Works

We continue the video training series with our second video- focused on on-page optimization topics. If you missed last weeks introduction, you can see it here on the blog with accompanying Powerpoint or see it on our YouTube Channel.

On-page SEO is literally the art of optimizing things on the pages of your website. It includes things like:

  • Keyword Research & Placement
  • Keywords density optimization
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Technical Analysis
  • On-site Content
  • Sitemap.xml

  • Designing Robots.txt
  • Back-link Analysis
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Setup & Monitoring
  • Competition
  • Social Media Indicators

By taking an overall look at these factors, we can develop an on-page strategy for your website. this is very important, as Google is looking more and more at things that affect your entire website and user experience, instead of just looking at one page at a time. By ensuring all of your on-page items follow the same outline, your website will do well. In this video, we go over each of these items and what they mean to your website. You can easily search for any of these topics to find out much more detail about them, or you can comment below or on the video.

In the upcoming weeks, we will break down this on-page and go into great detail about the items such as meta tags, sitemaps, and robots. Stay tuned for more videos on these items, and a bigger look at our actual optimization of the Colonial Driving School website. This list and video is not exhaustive, and there are a few more things considered on-page that I did not discuss- those will be touched on in a future video training session. We will also delve into off-page SEO.

I get a lot of requests for keyword research, and that is coming up pretty soon. Probably not the next two videos but in the third video from now, we will go into keyword research and how to perform it. We will also discuss tools that can be purchased and/or used for keyword research.

On-Page Analysis and Techniques

Like I mentioned last week, we at Virginia SEO are awesome at SEO, but only OK at video editing. We apologize for any distractions during the training, or any problems with the editing. If you have any tips on how we can improve these sessions please let us know!

Speakers Notes and Reference

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  1. jon terns says:

    I think that was one of the best explanations of on-page seo that I have ever seen! I have always understood it well but I think you guys may have taught me something today! I still struggle with designing robots.txt and need help with that. I might be contacting you very soon with some requests.

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