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A SEO Resource List of SEO Resource Lists in 2014 (Sort Of)

As a SEO specialist I am fully engrossed in the blogosphere and read anything SEO/SEM related I can get my hands on. If I have a moments downtime, I am crawling Search Engine Land of MOZ looking for information. Throughout my travels, I have come across a couple of pretty nice lists which contain information which is really helpful for someone in my position.These SEO resources are not intended for clients, end-users, or customers. They are great for small business owners running their own SEO/SEM, SEO agencies or firms, or marketers looking to jump into search tactics.

Why would we go and compile a SEO resource list if there are already a billion lists out there, do you ask? Well, because we are experts, and this list is amazing. It will revolutionize your workflow and your day both. Plus we use this list ourselves here at Virginia SEO to keep track of what we are looking at- this list will be updated with the latest information as our strategies grow and change.

You will see a page quality link and rating on each site. Take this with a grain of salt- this is not necessarily our opinion on the matter, but more so a combination of several factors on of which is how the site is built. A poorly designed or organized site will receive a lower rating. We also use a site analyzer provided by Raven SEO Tools which analyzes the site using a variety of metrics such as mozTrust and Page Authority. If you page is listed here and you don’t feel like our ranking is accurate, please let us know why you feel this way!

Best – Top SEO Resources

SEO – Optimization Related Resources

Keyword Resources

Link Building – Strategies for 2014

On-Page – Visual Optimization Resources

Design – Design and UX Resources

Blogging – Content Resources

This concludes my short list of large SEO resources that can help you in the SEO and SEM arena. If you have anything to add, please comment below and let me know- I will add it to the list. If you don’t want to deal with any of this and want to talk about how we can help you out with something SEO related, drop us a line.

You can download a PDF version of this blog post: SEO Resource List of 2014, for free.

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  1. matt n. says:

    For a newbie like me, this list is invaluable! I am just getting started with a new online site and I am doing it all myself so it has become quite the learning process. I came here to your site on a recommendation and am already learning so much from you. I appreciate you taking the time to teach us about seo and how it affects our sites and our rankings.

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