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SEO Video Training – Session 1: Introduction to SEO

50,000 Ft. View of SEO

This is an introduction to SEO and inbound marketing, which is kicking off a weekly training on SEO. During these training sessions we will be discussing real details behind SEO such as keyword research and on-page optimization. These training sessions will be aimed at small business owners and small web designers/agencies. We will drill down into a website and analyze exactly what is wrong, what is right, and what needs to be changed. We will look into keyword research and how you as a non-SEO can do it for free. We will go through SEO tools and discuss how you can use them to do competitive research and also optimize your own sites SEO.

This particular presentation is a wide angle top-down view of some of the basics of what Google is looking for in your website. Stay tuned for the training sessions, which will be hosted at and also on our YouTube channel.

Introduction Video to SEO Training Series

We apologize for the audio robot quality and the jitter. Apparently the experts at Virginia SEO are not great at audio and video editing. I believe the interference was caused by recording and encoding at the same time- even our powerful laptops could not take it. In the future, we will make sure this does not happen, and re-record if it does happen. Thanks for watching, make sure to head to YouTube and subscribe to our channel to see more videos!

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Chris Dill

SEO Expert at Virginia SEO
Chris loves web design, marketing, and anything on a computer. Chris just finished his MSIS and is a network engineer.
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3 responses to “SEO Video Training – Session 1: Introduction to SEO”

  1. […] focused on on-page optimization topics. If you missed last weeks introduction, you can see it here on the blog with accompanying Powerpoint or see it on our YouTube […]

  2. jon terns says:

    Another amazing video! I am directing anyone with seo questions to your site! Your videos are concise and I can tell that you really know your stuff. Thank you for the link to your YouTube channel, I found even more videos and am spending my lunch break watching them!

    • Chris Dill says:

      Thanks for watching! The videos are not as polished as I would like them to be, but definitely getting there. I am moving my setup to a better location for sound and lighting adjustments shortly which should be great!

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