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SEO Video Training – Session 3: On-Page, Meta Tags, Robots, and Sitemap.xml

Meta Tags | Robots.txt | and Sitemap.xml

We continue the video training series with our second video- focused on on-page optimization topics. If you missed last weeks introduction to on-page, you can see it here on the blog.

In this video session, we dive deeper into on-page optimization. We specifically discuss meta tags, what they are and how to create them. We also describe what to look for and what to avoid. We then progress into technical analysis of your website, which is used to identify the problem areas and places where improvement could happen. Then we discuss a sitemap.xml, what it is, and how to create one. Lastly, we touch on robots.txt and why your website needs one.

While I go into detail on each of these items, I purposefully leave actually implementing meta tags in your blog or website vague- that is because I will be discussing these items in an upcoming training session in which I delve into keyword research. This is the overwhelming request I get from people interested in SEO, and I would like to share how I personally do keyword research and then use it to fill in meta data.

I will then do a video blog review of Yoast WordPress SEO, and I will go through all of the options in the plugin. This will be a great place to get more detail about implementing meta data for your WordPress blog, as we will actually runa  few test cases and setup some on the Colonial Driving School  website, which is the client case for these videos.

On-Page – Learn About Meta Tags, Robots, and Sitemaps in Video

Like I mentioned last week, we at Virginia SEO are awesome at SEO, but only OK (getting better) at video editing. We apologize for any distractions during the training, or any problems with the editing. This is our first green-screen recording- and while it came out good, the lighting needs to be adjusting, among other things. If you have any tips on how we can improve these sessions please let us know!

Speakers Notes and Reference

Looking for an On-Page SEO Analysis with notes on your meta tags, sitemap, and robots? We offer them for free!

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3 responses to “SEO Video Training – Session 3: On-Page, Meta Tags, Robots, and Sitemap.xml”

  1. […] and this week we will dive into keyword research and implementation. You can see the previous video here, and here is another video which covers on-page SEO topics, which pertain to keyword […]

  2. francis woods says:

    I was well into my blogging “career” before ever learning about meta-tags and how useful they can be. I learned how to use them properly and they seem to make a difference. Am I able to go back and add meta-tags to older posts and how do I choose which ones? I have some that have become quite popular and I am unsure if changing them will hurt them or make them even more popular to my readers.

    • Chris Dill says:

      It depends on which meta tags we are talking about. If you have a title and description meta optimized for the keyword phrase “some keyword”, and you go and change them entirely you will drop off that ranking for that phrase.

      But lets say that you already have rank established for that phrase, and you want to add another. You could modify your title and description tags (and your web page content and titles) to include a secondary phrase. So instead of “Some Keyword blah blah” it might be “Some Keyword, Secondary Keyword blah blah”. This will help your established page which gets traffic show up for a second or more term, and will certainly boost your traffic.

      You will have to use your own judgement on what/which you can change- if you have blog posts that are getting no traffic, those are a good candidate for a meta tag re-evaluation.

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