Social Media Marketing: What Your Competition Can Teach You

Social Media Marketing: What Your Competition Can Teach You

Is your company looking to create a Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy, or simply redesign the one you already have in place? Doing this can at times be quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Looking at what your competitors are doing will go a long way in helping your company have a successful marketing campaign on Social Media.

Here are 5 easy ways to improve your company’s strategy, and keep up with the competition.

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1.Research Your Competition: If your competition is using social media, you should be as well. If they haven’t yet moved into the social media arena, this is a chance for your company to seize an opportunity and take advantage of all of those missed potential clients by filling the gap and giving the consumer or client exactly what they may be looking for.

2. Gaps in the Market: Identifying a gap through market research, gives your company an opportunity to step up and shine in that area. A gap in the market could also be identified if a competitor is not utilizing specific social media sites. Remember, the more your company puts into Social Media Marketing, the more exposure and chance for word of mouth advertising your company gets.

3. What works for the other company: Analyzing what marketing and customer relations strategies are working for the competition is a quick and easy way for your company to identify gaps in your own standards or protocol for handling these things. Look at how the competition is interacting with its customers, and how they are responding to both positive and negative comments.

4. Stand out from the rest: To re-work or establish your company’s strategy, first look to your competitors. How are they setting themselves apart from their competitors? How are they shining above the rest? Armed with this information, you can mold your company’s social media identity and rise to the top of your industry.

5. Business man pointing the text: What's Your Competitive AdvantagUse the tools available to your advantage: There are many resources available online to track and analyze how your competition is doing throughout the net. Tools like Rival IQ, Facebook Pages to Watch, Twitter Counter, Who’s Winning in Social and various tools from Simply Measured allow you to get a step up on the competition. Even one of these tools will put your company ahead of where they are today.

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