Mobile Design and SEO

Why Mobile Design Importance Increases For Effective SEO

Mobile SEO Hits a Moving Target

Eight of ten people around the world are now subscribers to mobile units, usually for both home and business use. For those who were prescient and foresaw this boom, it proves marketing has expanded its reach and is unbelievably more mobile than ever. It is highly probable anyone reading this is already signed up for the conventional SEO and SEM services.  However, some subscribers may have let the value of enlisting separate mobile design campaigns blow right past them.

The nuances for each platform is something which our company would have already done for our clients. Mobile SEO and SEM means our clients can already complement Internet marketing campaigns with sustained promotional fuel pumping into their SEO and SEM engines.

The most valuable benefits for subscribing to separate marketing mobile designs include:

  • Time saved in page loading
    • – Time saved means money saved in personnel duties and timely deadlines observed;
  • Format of all Content is Improved
    • – To facilitate the mobile apps and increase the timeliness and accuracy, the format is sequentially improved in all content;
  • Tracking is more efficient and timely
    • – Institution of the Pay Now with a Click and other venues;
  • HTML Optimization is acquired as a secondary effect;
  • RWD Optimization likewise is acquired;
  • Blog Entries
    • – Entries can become more powerful with important guests, personalities or even news event reporting;
  • Mobile XML
    • – XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information.
      • Structured information has both content :words, pictures, indication of what role that content plays . Almost all documents have some structure. A markup language is the mechanic enabling you to identify structures in a document. The XML specification defines a standard way to add markup to documents.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Any consumer can emphasize that one size never really fits all, and that is fiercely true of the mobile SEO and SEM services.  The particular mobile design that one business or professional enterprise may require can be of utterly no use to another.  The specialized nature of the internet mobility services is catering to the unique nature of each and every company and business line.

Google has announced in the Google Webmaster blog that there is now a penalty for Failure to Be Mobile:

“Google has been courting the mobile website idea for a long time, and it has been a well known fact that business owners should optimize or redesign their website for mobile devices such as cell phones and tabled. In a post on the Google Webmaster blog, Google has officially announced that as of April 21st, poorly formatted sites that are not optimized by mobile will receive a ranking penalty.” –Read more about the update!

The Majority Rule

The globe has embraced and been seduced by the internet superhighway and the only way to avoid being its roadkill is to stay current in the marketplace.  Staying current in the market means being up with each trend and plausible benefit to the profession or business of which you are a member.  The mobile applications are as much a necessity now to living a pleasurable healthy comfortable life as food and water are to life itself. The majority of the world have mobile access today, and as always, the majority rule.

The old axiom, “The one with the keys, drives,” now means much more than challenges for the driver’s seat in an automobile. The company with the mobile applications working for them 24/7 is the company with the keys, and will drive to success.  The importance of having your brand available to anyone with a mobile device cannot be enumerated in dollars and cents, but the spectacular failure of the brand without mobility strength certainly can be, as a deficit.

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