Search Engine Optimization Experts

We get approached often by business owners looking to drive more traffic to their site. They ask us questions like “Can I pay for traffic?” and “Why isn’t my site ranking for the words that I want?”. Those are really great questions, and the answer to them is sometimes complex and a little difficult to understand if you are not heavily into the web. This is why we offer our services specifically to small businesses!

“Can I pay for traffic?”

Not only do we take care of your problems, but we answer the difficult questions for you as well. We will come over and sit down with you (or have a webinar) and explain at length what it is we are doing, and also what you need to do. We don’t hide behind big words and long lists of services which we may or may not really do. All of the services we offer is trackable and we can show you exactly what has been done on your behalf.

“Why isn’t my site ranking for the words that I want?”

The video to the right is a promotional video for Virginia SEO- think of it sort of as a commercial. We use this video as the cover to some of our services. Our YouTube channel also has other useful videos such as product reviews and tool explanation. We have also begun to record video training sessions, which will shortly become available. These video training sessions are aimed at entrepreneurs and small business owners or marketing departments and will hopefully empower you to take control of your own web presence. I will be sharing web design tips, search engine optimization techniques, and also discussing internet based marketing.

We will be doing a case study with a site at Colonial Driving School, in which we will be performing real keyword research, tracking metrics, setting up custom analytics, and a wide variety of other SEO related items. Once the videos are  being regularly published (any day now) they will be available via my YouTube channel, and also linked to on this site in a video portfolio.

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