Who Needs A SEO Toolset?

Every business needs tools, and we are no different. We use a huge variety of tools to compliment our SEO toolset, which is how we can can offer you the best services around. A majority of our services are hosted- that is we pay another company to provide a service for us. These tools include things like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Bing and Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. Well those are free, but there are other ones that we DO pay for. We also use several program based tools such as Screaming Frog and Traffic Travis. We do offer training on using these tools if you are interested in learning how to do a portion of what we do yourself- if you are interested give us a call at (888) 870-3181 and we can talk about what exactly you need. We can even make training videos personalized for you if that is something you’re interested in, or build you your own SEO toolset.

We also setup some basic and some advanced Excel Spreadsheets to house your keyword and traffic data, and do some generic validation and sort the data. This allows us to make projections and best guesses at which keywords will perform the best based on your niche or topic. Lastly, we use several people run services, which help us do big things with moderate effort. As such we are quite accustomed to working with multiple people on a project, or multiple vendors or departments. That means if you want to bring in more people to talk about things, we can accommodate.

We are also really open to new partnerships and tips- if you know of a service that might benefit us, please let us know. If you belong to a company that could mutually benefit both parties, do not hesitate to talk to us about it. If you have an arsenal or your own SEO toolset you wan’t to talk to us about, please do! For question and offers like this, either give us a call or email info@virginiaseo.org.

Besides what was mentioned above, here are some of the tools we use daily. We really appreciate all of the hard work that went into developing these tools, many of which make our business viable. Here is a shout-out and link- if you want your site listed here… send us your tool!

Did we leave you out? I promise it was unintentional! Let us know about it here.

The Ratio at Which We Use Our Tools

Analytics and Reporting Services - 100%
Crawling and Auditing Services - 90%
Keyword Tools - 75%
Content Authoring Tools - 65%
Social Media Tools - 45%
Web Design Tools - 80%

Not really sure what to think of our services? Hubspot has put together a really good guide on how to tell if you are getting swindled by a SEO company, and you can check out the PDF here!